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Redecorate your home or gift the decorative mini luxury handicraft Jar with awesome scented candles. Explore the beautiful ExclusiveLane food container jars, tins spice, and unique condiment stands.

Redecorate your home or gift the decorative mini luxury handicraft Jar with awesome scented candles. Explore the beautiful ExclusiveLane food container jars, tins spice, and unique condiment stands.

Ceramic & Glass Jars for Decorating & Storing

Aesthetic ceramic jars and containers from ExclusiveLane are handmade from clay and are available in a range of unique shapes, sizes, colours and textures. Wood containers are made using rare and premium wood that has been sourced from the best regions of India. Our collection will meet every artistic need you wish to fulfil and every decorative need you want to adorn. We offer a wide range of storage solutions like kitchen jars, glass containers for kitchen, pickle jars, airtight jars, dry fruit jars and many more. Our collection contains coloured storage jars with floral artwork on them that are perfect for storing spices, grains etc. We also have beautifully carved wooden kitchen storage containers with rosewood or teak that add a rustic charm to every kitchen space. You can get any of them in different colours to match your room’s colour scheme. Thus, you can easily buy kitchen storage containers online at ExclusiveLane.

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‘Three’s A Tribe’ Dhokra Snacks Jar Set in Glass With Warli Hand-Painted Wooden Tray is a versatile set of 3 jar containers with a hand-painted wooden tray. They are sure to add a dash of colour and charm to your kitchen counter while also storing your kitchen essentials. Each of these jars is sculpted into a delightful piece of art using the age-old technique of Dhokra. The Magma Echoing Hand Glazed Studio Pottery Ceramic Multi-Utility Storage Jars & Food Containers is a premium range of products that can be used to store dry fruits, spices, and other edible items in an organised manner. The rich colour combination is the best thing you will love about this product. And, if you love blue, you'll love Mughal Cylindrical Duo Floral Hand Painted Multi-utility storage jars and containers. They're inspired straight from the Mughal gardens, with their tranquil and placid architecture in the form of delicate floral motifs. For the love of bees, you'll get The Bee Collective Hand Painted Ceramic Multi-Purpose Storage Jars & Containers. It's designed to depict handcrafted ceramic bees flying happily in the jar container. Each piece has been handcrafted by some of India's most talented artisans, who spent months perfecting their technique! So, get these ceramic jars online and put a full stop to your search.

Why choose ExclusiveLane?

With ExclusiveLane luxury handicraft, you can easily buy great looking jars and containers of high quality. When you buy a handmade item, you accept its history and personality, and with our growing selection of jars and kitchen storage containers, each one is unique. Whatever the occasion and whoever the person may be, from those that like to keep the dry fruits in an aesthetic jar to those that love honey in an artisan jar, we carry a wide variety of colours, materials and shapes, ensuring that you will find something that fits your style perfectly! So, please browse through our collection and get these portable and attractive products that will eradicate the burden of storing multiple things in an unorganised manner. Easy to use, convenient to carry and durable, these products are designed for convenience. You can also have a look at our other ceramic products like bottles, dinner sets, chapati boxes, cups & mugs, and cutlery holders. You can choose from various sizes and shapes to meet your storage needs. Whatever you are looking for, we have it all! Just browse through our catalogue to find the ceramic containers online that suits your needs best!


  1. What is the importance of glass containers in food contact applications?

Glass is preferred for packaging food and beverages because it is easily recycled, reusable, and chemically inert. It keeps foods fresh, prevents contamination, and preserves their quality longer.

  1. How to clean wooden containers?

To clean, wipe with a dry cloth. Do not wash the wooden spice box or containers. If you need to clean them, use a wet cloth to clear out the content inside.

  1. Is it safe to use any paint on wooden boxes?

You should use the same type of paint as the stain used on the container.

  1. Are the containers suitable as housewarming gifts?

Yes. Definitely! These wooden containers are very aesthetic and much in trend, so they are best suited to be given as housewarming gifts.


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